domenica 6 maggio 2012

Postazione 21, Beirut 1983

"Postazione 21" was the name of a check point placed by the Italian contingent in the middle of the refugees camps of Sabra and Chatila. The wach comprised a VCC 2 IFV and an ambulance, it was kept manned h24 7/7. The site was a road cross, on the north there was the French Foreign Legion, on the west, toward the sea, there was the Battaglione San Marco, the Italian navy infantry and on the east there were the Bersaglieri.

This is a "four hands" project between me and my friend Domenico Carcelli. The research stage has ended in 2010, then Domenico started building the VCC 2, with the Egys models conversion and a lot of other materials.

My duty will be to paint it and to build the figures, both the Bersaglieri and some Palestinian civilian.

( Disclaimer, I apologize because I can't give credit for the the two actual pictures, I found them on the net, anyhow I warmly thanks who posted them )