mercoledì 23 gennaio 2013

New building

Another not rail served structure to complete the scene around the intermodal facility. In addition I'm exploiting the semi trailer mould to build different vehicles.

sabato 19 gennaio 2013


Eventually I completed the upper shelf, it still needs the fascia and the lights. I also added the backdrop, I'm not fully satisfied, but it's good for close ups.

sabato 5 gennaio 2013

N scale BNSF Seattle layout...

... some progress, not much to show yet, but it's taking shape.

For the SD40-2 I chose the MRC 1806 decoder, the SD70Ace has a Digitrax SDN144K1E.
Both work fine, the Digitrax is more stable but the sound is better in the MRC, and this one is really easy to plug in. Here a poor quality footage:

DTTX 56779

Double stack well car, Athearn N scale weathered out of the box.